Brand Definition & Brand Strategy 

A brand represents many intangible aspects of a product or service: a collection of feelings and perceptions about quality, image, lifestyle and status. It creates in the mind of customers, the perception that there is no product or service on the market that is quite like this.


Brand Identity Design

The idea of corporate identity: the look and feel of designs and communications, along with the corporation's behavior. Companies invest a great deal of energy in their corporate identity, since the persona of a corporation influences the way people think about the company.


Retail Design & Branding

Store's environments should be organized in a way that facilitates people linger in the store and move them smooth throughout the space to buy and revisit. More specially, it refers floor space allocation, navigation, visual merchandising to lighting.


Brand Communication

Brand communication design aims to attract, inspire and motivate people respond to company's messages, which can be either to build a brand or boost sales.


Architectural Composition & Planning

With a background in retail, we are poised to make your commercial building concept a reality. The varieties of services we offer provide comprehensive assistance throughout the entire project, offering also project management on the cutting edge of design and construction for commercial projects. An effective project management is important at defining and managing timescales, deliverables, activities, resources, responsibilities, risks and issues.